Nathan Ausubel

“Jews have received their tempering from an unflinching realism learned for a high fee in the school of life; they have always felt the need of fortifying their spirits with the armor of laughter against the barbs of the world.”- A Treasury Of Jewish Folklore, 1948.

“[Folklore is a true and unguarded portrait, for where art may be selective, may conceal, may gloss over defects and even prettify, folk art is always revealing, always truthful in the sense that it is spontaneous expression.”- A Treasury Of Jewish Folklore, 1948.

“First you laugh at a Jewish joke or quip. Then, against your will, you suddenly fall silent and thoughtful. And that is because Jews are so frequently jesting philosophers. A hard life has made them realists, realists without illusion.” – A Treasury of Jewish Humor,1951.

“Of all the astonishing experiences of the widely dispersed Jewish people none was more extraordinary than that concerning the Khazars.”- Pictorial History of the Jewish People, 1953.

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