New Ship to Gaza

I was walking past an open place in the city Bergen (were I live) today when I spotted some members of the Palestine Committee of Norway and other activists holding an appeal. They talked about a new shipping of activists to Gaza, a swedish-norwegian fish boat that will be send soon. One of the people speaking mentioned a israeli jew who’s not allowed to enter Israel anymore due to his criticism of the state and how palestinians are treated. I think his name was Dror Feiler. The man speaking said that this was an example of the fact that the state of Israel do not represent the jews of the world.

But is the state of Israel apartheid? I do not agree there. Nadine Gordimer had some good points when she said that “Israel makes a great injustice against the Palestinians, but what happens in the Middle East has a background in conflict over land the parties makes historical claims for, while the white colonizers in Africa had no land they rightfully could claim for as inhabitants, they only took it.”

I think the impossible task of making it possible for israeli settlers to live in the palestinian territories makes it hopeless for both jews and arabs, and that this is more a war over holy territories than over race.

From a demonstration in Bergen, Norway today.
From a demonstration in Bergen, Norway today.

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