To Believe God Gave Israel To Jewish People

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Is those two opening words of that tweet a prayer? Or is it a use of the name of Jesus (God) in vain? If the jews that Ben Wizner here mentions are indifferent to blasphemy I wouldn’t count them as jews in this stats.

David Markson’s Anti-Semites: Ezra Pound

In his novel Reader’s Block from 1996 David Markson shuffles together bits of pieces of fun facts, sad facts and other information about authors, artists and philosophers and combine this with quotes from the same range of sources. One of the repeated motives is anti-semitism in sentences which goes like «he-and-she was an anti-semite». These are never explained more, so I will collect some more information about the background of these people’s opinions.

»Ezra Pound was an anti-Semite.«

»All the Jew part of the Bible is black evil, an Ezra nicety.« Quotes -David Markson

The Jewish poet Louis Zukofsky had something to say about this:

»Through a series of biblical and contemporary allusions, “Nor Did the Prophet” addresses Zukofsky’s relationship with his mentor Ezra Pound and attempts to come to terms with Pound’s antisemitism by reconsidering the rhetoric of Pound’s controversial Pisan Cantos.« (From 2016-05-07 kl. 21.27.31.png

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@arielxpink talk about his music and the jewish race and religion

From 10:51 on: Ariel Pink: “…race, not a religion, that means like..I’m from the tribe of Abraham. It means I can’t deny my judaism, based on their rules, like I can’t say ‘I’m not jew’. But the fact is I’m not of the bloodline.”

Interviewer: “You didn’t choose to be chosen.”

Ariel Pink: “I was mistakingly chosen, and now they’re just like ‘You’re jewish, come on!’ They just wanna, like cover it up. But that’s the kind of jews we have now a days, so fly-by-night jews. And I take religion very seriously, I actually do! I really really really respect it, but I think that all jews should be at the wall and pray now, not being rock stars.”

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Here and Elsewhere (French: Ici et Ailleurs) is a 1976 documentary film by Jean-Luc Godard and Anne-Marie Miéville, made using footage from Jusqu’à la victoire, a 1970 pro-Palestinian film made by Godard and Jean-Pierre Gorin as part of Dziga Vertov Group.

Ici et Ailleurs marks the beginning of Godard’s transitional period, which found him experimenting with video and moving from political polemics to an examination of the way people perceive themselves and others; as such, it shares many of the traits of both his radical-era films and the video-centered work that followed while simultaneously providing a critique of the Dziga Vertov Group’s ideas and methods. It is also one of his first projects with Miéville, who has remained the major collaborator in his life and work since. (wikipedia)