Brooke Loober, Anne Frank, Gaza, Neutral Milk Hotel

Ifound these pictures on Brooke Lober’s blog. Lober is a jewish feminist and Israel critic. You can read more about her at her about page at The University of Arizona (see quote below). Her blog is full of paintings, picures and interesting things about not only Israel and Palestine, but all kind of important and interesting things like music, feminism and art.

Anne Frank, Save Gaza, by Leba. And AF Neutral Milk lyrics street art, artist unknown.

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From her about page at The University of Arizona: «Brooke Lober is a PhD candidate, currently writing a critical history of social movements that addresses some of today’s urgent political struggles by focusing on the “question of Palestine” taken up by a set of interlinked but sometimes opposed historical feminist groups. Through close analysis of feminist practices and ethical frameworks for political engagement expressed in social movement arts and cultural production, this dissertation unearths and reconsiders debates about Zionism and Israeli state practice that took place in the overlapping spaces of the Palestine solidarity movement, anti-imperialist feminist formations, and the U.S. Jewish feminist movement of the late 20th century. A longtime participant in creative subcultures and left social movements, Brooke is engaged in community organizing and education projects, teaches classes in feminist studies, and works as an editorial assistant at Feminist Formations journal.»