A Mondoweiss Collage (With Songs From A Bob Dylan Setlist In Tel Aviv)

“I hereby acknowledge the remarkable rise of Jews inside the U.S. establishment in the last generation. Let’s just look in my field of law. Three Jews sit on the Supreme Court. A Bush Administration attorney general was an Orthodox Jew, and another Jew ran the Bush OLC. Jews are around 25% of all law professors, and are among the most influential professors on the far left (e.g., Brian Leiter), liberal left (e.g., Cass Sunstein), and libertarian right (e.g., Richard Epstein). Some of the most influential lower court judges, including the liberal Stephen Reinhardt, the conservative libertarian Alex Kozinski, and the eclectic Richard Posner are Jews. And of course most of the contributors to the leading law professors’ legal blog are Jews. Jews are doing very well in the United States. Yay! Good for American Jews, and good for America.

But my post wasn’t about denying that Jews have joined and thrived in the American establishment (heck, even the founder of a leading American anti-Jewish hate site is a Jew).” (http://wapo.st/1HLXIYW)


“Mondoweiss is an independent website devoted to informing readers about developments in Israel/Palestine and related US foreign policy. We provide news and analysis unavailable through the mainstream media regarding the struggle for Palestinian human rights. Founded in 2006 as a personal blog of journalist Philip Weiss, Mondoweiss grew inside the progressive Jewish community and has become a critical resource for the movement for justice for Palestinians.” (http://bit.ly/1MDkqKY)

“Philip Weiss is an American journalist who co-edits Mondoweiss (“a news website devoted to covering American foreign policy in the Middle East, chiefly from a progressive Jewish perspective”[3]) with journalist Adam Horowitz.[3][4] Weiss describes himself as an anti-Zionist and rejects the label “post-Zionist.”[5]

[3 ]About: Mondowiess

[4] Phil Weiss at Mondoweiss.


“It’s normal for members of a community – imagined or not – to attend to the facts and stories of their daily lives and the lives of people who are like them. The broadening and fragmentation of the media landscape enables and encourages the phenomenon. Sites like this one even help drive the development of new communities.

Yet, one consistent and durable criticism of the Jewish-Israeli left goes to its bewilderingly myopic perspective. It’s not so much an inability to see other people. Rather, it’s the tendency to see others as objects (or rarely, agents), situated within a narrative of self. A preening egoism adorns every “humane” pronouncement about the need to end the occupation. Don’t you see? Apartheid undermines the very essence of our whatever and etc…

Fine, one group of people is painfully self-involved and grandiose. Why is that important?

In other circumstances it wouldn’t matter: like a whole culture dedicated to bathroom selfies. But in the apartheid context it matters a lot. The dehumanization of other people occurs through the extraordinary status we afford ourselves or through the denigration of others. For the Jewish-Israeli left it’s the former, for the right it’s both.”(http://bit.ly/1VxY2G6)


“Taylor: “When responsibly understood, the implications of deconstruction are quite different from the misleading clichés often used to describe a process of dismantling or taking things apart. The guiding insight of deconstruction is that every structure – be it literary, psychological, social, economic, political or religious – that organizes our experience is constituted and maintained through acts of exclusion. In the process of creating something, something else inevitably gets left out.”Leiter: This isn’t an insight, it’s a tautology. Necessarily, every X excludes not-X, else it would not be X. As even Professor Taylor notes: “something else inevitably [i.e., necessarily] gets left out.” (Whether as an hypothesis about the fundamental workings of language–as Saussure originally conceived it–it is a more substantial hypothesis is a different question, not implicated in Taylor’s formulation.)” (http://bit.ly/1SpPdx5)https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uSN1ZD1geE0&list=PL6C92A468FAF94250&index=8″Jews are around 25% of all law professors, and are among the most influential professors on the far left (e.g., Brian Leiter), liberal left (e.g., Cass Sunstein), and libertarian right (e.g., Richard Epstein).” (http://wapo.st/1HLXIYW)