@arielxpink talk about his music and the jewish race and religion

From 10:51 on: Ariel Pink: “…race, not a religion, that means like..I’m from the tribe of Abraham. It means I can’t deny my judaism, based on their rules, like I can’t say ‘I’m not jew’. But the fact is I’m not of the bloodline.”

Interviewer: “You didn’t choose to be chosen.”

Ariel Pink: “I was mistakingly chosen, and now they’re just like ‘You’re jewish, come on!’ They just wanna, like cover it up. But that’s the kind of jews we have now a days, so fly-by-night jews. And I take religion very seriously, I actually do! I really really really respect it, but I think that all jews should be at the wall and pray now, not being rock stars.”


Bob Dylan-Bobby Fischer-Tobey Maguire-Collage

Dylan’s performance of «With God on Our Side» on the album Bob Dylan Unplugged, released in 1995, significantly omits verses about the Germans and the Holocaust, and the Russians and the Cold War, for unspecified reasons.

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French Jews

Benjamin Diamond (born Benjamin Cohen, 11 March 1972 in Paris, France) is a French singer.

He started life as a punk rocker in the band Chicken Pox, but taking inspiration from artists such as New OrderMichael Jackson, and Roxy Music, he veered towards electro. However, he is best known for his collaboration in Stardust withThomas Bangalter (of Daft Punk) and Alan Braxe. He sang the lyrics in their 1998 single “Music Sounds Better With You“, which was an international success.

David Guetta

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November 7, 1967 —
We get our share of friendly criticism here at JONJ. For example:

“Your site is great, but all your 1980s references are a bit dated.”

“Your site is great, but you need to profile more important historical Jews.”

And frankly we don’t mind (especially if they start with “your site is great”). But here’s one we get the most often:

“Your site is great, but it’s just too American.”

Oomph. Not much we can do about that one. After all, we, the creators of this website, are American, and so is a huge percentage of our readership. Never mind our multiple profiles of French actresses, Dutch soccer players, Russian authors, German philosophers, and Hungarian scientists; that somehow is not enough. Can’t please everyone, after all.

But today, we will try to please that European audience, by profiling David Guetta. For those on this side of the Atlantic, Guetta is a French house DJ / music producer. His father is a Moroccan Jew, which makes David more than viable to be profiled on our site.

Now, the only house we “get” is the one we live in, and you won’t find us in a club unless we’re dragged to it by our hair (and we’re losing our hair), and we don’t understand the obsession with celebrity DJs, but apparently Guetta is a huge deal in Europe. And a huge deal with our suggesters, who have flooded our inbox with pleas to get him on our website.

“You site is great, but I have no idea who some of the people profiled are.”

Sigh. Can’t win them all.

Verdict: Borderline Jew.